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Outdoor Advertising Is Your Business’s Missing Piece

Our billboards work full-time to deliver your message to communities all across Saskatchewan.

We’re an advertising company that specializes in eye-catching outdoor advertising, such as billboards and outdoor signs. We own billboards along highways and major roads in Saskatchewan. These locations cover Saskatoon, Regina, and Prince Albert, as well as key routes to various rural communities.


Does Billboard Advertising Actually Work?

The Out of Home Advertising Association documented that 79% of the top 100 advertisers increased their out of home ad spend in 2021. 32% of those doubled their spending. It was also shown that traditional billboards bring in a 40% ROI, making out of home advertising a great investment.

Why 20-Twenty?

Be seen 24/7 with outdoor advertising that reaches your target audience.


It’s time to add outdoor advertising to your marketing strategy and boost your visibility and awareness. Contact 20-twenty Marketing to learn more about our rates, locations and advertising opportunities.